What is this?

Hi everyone!  My name is Alissa and am a mom to 2 beautiful babies.  Before I became a Mommy I was an aspiring make-up artist and a licensed esthetician.  I love skin care, make-up, and hair dye!  I love Chanel, MAC and Bobbie Brown, but with my 2 kiddos money is a little bit tight.  I can no longer justify $65-70 on foundation every 2-3 months.  Right now that money could be better spent on clothes and food.  So here I am starting a blog about makeup and skin care but more importantly drug store makeup and skin care!  I used to cringe at Oil of Olay and Neutrogena!  Now I will be blogging about my fav items at the drug store as well as new seasonal items as they roll through!  I have also subscribed to 2 beauty boxes this month so I will write about those as they come in.  Please come and check back often!  I will be linking to my Facebook and Twitter as well as linking my fav YouTube vlogs! Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!


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