Winter Time! Dry, Flaky Skin….


Does your skin resemble a certain scaley, reptile? Well, you should probably see a doctor, but if your skin is dry from the winter you’re in luck! I have a few tips, that should help you! There are tons of exfoliants, scrubs, lotions and moisturizers you can buy that will work really well, but it’s totally unnecessary.

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DIY Sugar Body Scrub

If you have sugar and olive oil/coconut oil then you can make a sugar scrub! The sugar will scrub away dry, flaky skin and the oil will moisturize. Just mix equal parts sugar and oil. If you use coconut oil just make sure it’s in liquid form first by melting it (be careful not to burn yourself!). You want the consistency to be a little runny, so you may need more oil. Then go ahead and slather it all over your body but avoid the face. The sugar granules may be to harsh for your face and you don’t want to scratch it. Make sure to pay extra attention to your knees, elbows, heels and even your feet and hands. Then when you are finished, hop in the shower and rinse it off. Super easy and pretty cheap way to slough away dead skin! When you get out of the shower make sure to moisturize to keep skin soft!

DIY Brown Sugar Face Scrub

All you need for this is brown sugar and honey! If you don’t have honey go ahead and substitute olive or coconut oil. Make it a nice paste like consistency to make sure it’s not running off your face. Go ahead and cleanse your face and take off all makeup. Then apply face scrub and scrub away the winter yuck. Be careful around nose and keep away from eyes. Rinse and pat your face dry. Then apply your favorite moisturizer. The brown sugar is a great exfoliant and the honey is super hydrating for your skin and will also leave it nice and soft.

If you want to get fancy add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the scrubs (my fav is peppermint, it makes me feel invigorated!) but it’s not necessary. You can do this up to once a week to keep your skin feeling fresh and looking invigorated! Hope you enjoyed this and as always comments are welcome and appreciated!

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