Ulta-Free Gift

Ulta had a free 15 piece makeup giveaway if you spent $19.50 or more!  I needed a new powder and an eye brow brush so I did it!  I got this really cute little makeup bag with really cute little samples and a few full size products.  There were 3 different bags you could chose from Classic, Modern, or Trendy.  I went with Classic because those colors are more my style.


Isn’t it cute? So inside it came with an eye shadow primer (full size), Super Stretch Fiber Mascara (full size), Sunkissed Blush and Bronzer duo (sample),  Eye Shadow Quad with Trendsetter, Molten, Bone, and Lustre (sample), Eye Shadow Quad with Iceland, Sapphire, Peacock, and Blackout (sample), Glitter Eye Shadow Top Coat in Put a Ring On It (full size), Lipstick in Mauve Memories (full size), Brilliant Color Lip Gloss in Pixie (sample), Nail Polish in Grin and Berry It (sample),a blush brush, eye shadow brush, and eye shadow sponge, and a pencil  eyeliner duo in black and brown.  Now, I bought a brow comb and the Fabulous Face pressed powder in Fair to Light.  I haven’t tried any of this yet so this is sort of like a first impression review except it’s in blog form!


This is the first set of eye shadows I talked about.  They are super cute!  They go on pretty sheer except for the darkest color.  This would be great for a daytime look for sure!


So pretty! This is the second set of eye shadows I talked about.  They are more pigmented so they are really great for a smoky eye.


Glitter! I love glitter and really wanted to try one of these! This would be great over the blues to glam it up. Who doesn’t love glitter?


This is the primer.  Honestly I haven’t used it but I swatched it on my hand and I’m not expecting much.  It says extreme wear, but when I tried it on my hand it was really thin and liquidy.  It disappeared into my hand and I feel didn’t do anything. I will try it and we will see!


Mascara! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will!


On my hand the top is the gloss and the bottom is the lipstick.  It’s a very sheer lipstick, not a lot of pigment.  I ran that over my hand 3 or 4 times to achieve that color, so it is layerable. I think I’m making up words today, my spell check is going crazy!


This is the blush brush, eye shadow sponge, eye liner duo, and eye shadow brush.  When I opened up the plastic bag the brushes came in the blush brush broke right then…good thing I have plenty of blush brushes!


Nail polish! It’s so cute and mini! It reminds me of those bon bon nail polishes from when I was in middle school.  I really like the color too!


This is the bronzer.  It is very, very light, which is great for me because I am super pale.  It looks really dark but it goes on almost sheer.


And this is what I bought to get this great gift!  The eye brow and lash comb and this powder.  Now it says pressed powder but it’s very powdery and starts to get everywhere but I think it will be good to set my makeup.

So this is what I got from Ulta!  The gift is probably one of the biggest gift bags I have ever seen and you really don’t have to spend that much to get it.  I love department store free gifts but you usually have to spend $40 to get it and it’s only like 3 or 4 samples of items.  If you like this post share it or leave a comment! Let me know if you want to see more like it or have suggestions for different posts!

Have a great day!

P.S. I have a twitter!  It is @alovelybeauties! ( the exclamation isn’t apart of the name)