My Top 3 Drugstore Hand Lotions


I have really dry hands. I have worked in the food service industry for half my life and with all the washing and hand sanitizing my hands are like sand paper. I thought now being a stay at home mom my hands would revert back to their natural-born softness..ha! I wash more dishes now and sanitize my hands more often than when I was working! I have tried probably a bazillion creams, lotions and salves for my poor hands and these are my top 3. If I have at least one in my purse, in the bathroom and by my bed all is right with the world….and then the baby starts crying, my husband is asking where his socks are, and my 6-year-old wants apple juice.  🙂

3. Curél Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion for Extra Dry Skin-I had never tried Curél lotions before until about a month ago. I got a really great deal at Target and picked up a bottle to give it a try. This lotion states that it will protect the skin from dryness for over 24 hours. Sounds great but in my reality about 10 minutes after I apply it I am probably washing dishes again so it will wash right off. I do really like the way it feels and often apply this before I go to bed. It says it won’t clog pores and you can use it on your face? I don’t know if I will try that but if you do, let me know how it turns out!

2. Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream-I really love this lotion. I find it at Big Lots for .50 cents and it’s so worth it. I stick it in my purse and when I am out shopping or driving I have this really great hand lotion. They used to make nail and cuticle cream that was my absolute favorite but I haven’t found it in a long time! This doesn’t leave your hands greasy and it makes them feel really moisturized.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion-This is my favorite lotion! It moisturizes your skin instantly and feels so good. There also isn’t really a smell so it’s great if you have sensitive skin or allergies. This lotion has 1.2% dimethicone in it which is a skin protectant and I really feel like it works. I know the Vaseline Intensive Rescue has dimethicone in it but it doesn’t state how much and it’s like the 5th ingredient so probably not a whole lot. My husband suffers from exema flare ups and he uses this or the Aveeno exema cream and they work so well for him. He won’t let me buy him any other kind of lotion!

There are a ton of drugstore lotions out there and it’s really hard to decide on the best one when they are all promising the same outcome and most have the same ingredients.  These lotions all have a thick, creamy texture that absorbs really well into the skin.  I highly recommend these 3 but if you know of a better one please share with us so we can try it also!

Thanks for stopping by and your comments are always appreciated and welcome!