Hi blogverse! I have been gone for quite some time, but am dipping my feet back in the blog waters so to speak.  I was contacted to use and review the MDMS app by a local salon here in Phoenix.  I actually think it’s a great concept, so that’s why I’m blogging about it today!

To start off MDMS stands for Million Dollar Makeover Studio, which is a locally owned salon here in Phoenix, AZ.  The owner is Venessa and she is just so sweet!  She offers everything from a cut and color, to Microblading, to lashes!

So first I downloaded the app, MDMS.  Most salons have a book now feature on their websites, but Venessa takes it one step further and has an app.  On this app you are able to book appointments, go straight to her social media pages, check out her website, email her and they even have coupons.  Every Monday, it randomly selects 3 new services to be 50% off.  You could get 50% off microblading!!! That had me excited because I have been wanting microblading done for a while now!  So, I went ahead and booked her for a cut and color.  It was super easy, I just filled in my contact information, selected an available day/time then I received a confirmation email plus a text!  My favorite part was the text reminder about my appointment because mommy brain makes me super forgetful! She did an awesome job on my color and cut which you can see here.

I was super impressed with her and will definitely be back again! If you are in the area definitely check her app out at the very least!

Manic Panic N.Y.C. Dreamtone


Is there such a thing as too pale? Well, for me probably, but I am still pale. I used to tan, but after second degree sun burns twice, I decided to stay away from the sun. As much as possible at least for living in “the valley of the sun” (Phoenix, Arizona). I could self tan you say? Honestly I am pretty lazy and I am a little too worried I would mess it up and look like a burnt orange. So I take pride in my paleness and call it porcelain and tell myself when I am older I will be wrinkle free. Ha. Going make up shopping on the other hand is really annoying. When you buy the LIGHTEST shade they sell (and they are calling it various forms of 100 and ivory) and it’s WAY too dark. Like, makes you look like you self tanned your face. I would get really frustrated because there wasn’t even a way to mix shades and I would permanently have a line on my neck. Then I discovered Manic Panic Dream Tone. It is WHITE! Like, gothic I want to be a vampire and suck your blood white! You can mix it with your foundation and it will lighten it. It’s so great for mixing and matching your make up. However, I do not recommend using it to go more than 2 shades lighter, as it will start to change the consistency of your makeup. Its really great for when you still have summer make up or you go to the store and they don’t sell make up light enough for you. I usually do 1/2 a pump or a whole pump if I need to. And it’s pretty inexpensive I only paid $12 and that was 6 months ago. Now, if you use higher end makeup like NARS or Chanel I believe they sell their own white to mix. I would use those just because it’s formulated for that foundation and it shouldn’t change the consistency. Especially if you’re spending $60 on foundation, you don’t want to be messing it up. If you want to watch a video on how to mix and apply just click here. Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any tips for lightening or even darkening your foundation?